8 Things Worse Than Being On Hell

As reported by Chitika, Google’s first page currently gains 95 percent of click-through rates. Page two, on the other hand, is basically a death sentence for digital marketers. But, if your company in Utah hasn’t figured out the best SEO practices yet, cheer up. There are a few things that could be worse, such as the following: Passing a Kidney Stone Some say it’s the closest men get to experiencing the pain of natural childbirth. Definitely worse than bad marketing. Drinking Orange Juice After Brushing Your Teeth We’ve all mistakenly chosen OJ as a breakfast beverage in the morning right after a quick brush. It’s like licking a party streamer. Also not recommended. Getting Dumped on Valentine’s Day Not sure you’re dating the "right guy," but still figuring out when to let him know? Try the most romantic day of the year for maximum pain infliction. Moving Couches. Pianos. Bookshelves. Forget your SEO worries. At least you don’t have an entire apartment to pack up and relocate to Utah with the begrudging help of a close friend. Getting the Runs on a First Date Say goodbye to making a good first impression. Being stuck in a bathroom all night while your true love scrolls Facebook sounds a lot worse than page two, unless it’s a really bad first date. Being Forced to Watch Sarah McLachlan’s SPCA Commercials on Repeat Not even Sarah McLachlan can stand watching these commercials. As soon as, "In the arms of the angels," starts playing and that one-eyed kitten stares into the camera, an instinctive reaction kicks in to change the channel. Appearing on PeopleOfWalMart.com Whether you’re shopping in Utah or another WalMart location across the country, be cautious with your wardrobe decisions. Remembering to actually wear pants and a shirt is a good start. Page 2 of Bing If ending up on page two of Google sounds scary, try SEO marketing with the search engine that only gains 14 percent of the U.S. market share. As noted by ABorg, 87 percent of Bing users come from Internet Explorer, which means unless you’re selling Life Alert, they’re most likely outside of your target market. See? Not so bad after all. Emily Culpwrites for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. She writes for many other clients as well. Follow on Twitter

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