Addiction is something countless people in the U.S

from San Francisco to the East Coast, deal with and battle every day. Addiction can be life-threatening and, oftentimes, without people knowing it, the first step on the path to drug rehab. Unfortunately, some people have personalities that tend to be more addictive than others. People who are more susceptible to addiction must be extremely about surrounding themselves with people who regularly experiment with new drugs and alcoholic beverages. Many people wonder how they can tell if their personality is addictive. There are a few signs that could potentially identify an individual with addictive tendencies. Impulsiveness One sign that an individual might have an addictive personality is if he, or she has a difficult time controlling impulsive behaviors. For example, if someone who has a steady job in the Midwest all of a sudden decides to pack up and move to San Francisco with no plan, he, or she is probably not thinking rationally and is acting very impulsively. Thrill Seeking Another sign of a possible addictive personality is a person’s craving for more of something exciting, new or thrilling. According to Dr. J. Wesley Boyd from Harvard Medical School, "People who are prone to addiction say the best they ever felt in their life was the first time they tried heroin or had a drink. As their addiction grows, they develop tolerance and need to consume larger quantities at a greater frequency to try to re-create that initial buzz." Friends and family members should take signs of addictive personalities seriously. Behaviors such as those mentioned above could lead to more serious issues involving drug or alcohol addiction. When someone develops ongoing dangerous habits, it is advised that he or she attends rehab. Fortunately, there are drug rehab centers all across the U.S. from San Francisco to the Big Apple, with the goal of helping people struggling with addictive personalities get back on track.

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