Are you planning to make a websit

1. Make your website not only as per your requirement but also with search engines requirements. That is, make sure to include all the tags required by the search engines to find relevant content in your website and is able to rank your website. Include the meta, alt, description, title tags in all of your pages to make search engine's job easier. 2. It is important to do keyword research to target the appropriate audience that are most likely to generate revenue rather than targeting the whole world and get very little out of it. 3. Include a site map of your website that allows the search engine crawler to easily identify all of your pages and hence can link and rank it appropriately. 4. Careful attention should given while choosing the title of your website because it can create a make it or break it situation. The title should be in short and crisp form that describes what your website is about. 5. The content of your website is another area that should be given more attention to. Because ultimately it is the content that you are selling and wanting the readers to stay long on your website or want them to frequently attend your website which in turn increases your websites page rank. 6. It is not good to just have graphics in your website and expect it to be on the top of the search engine. Graphics play a little role in calculating your page rank. It is advisable not to include more than 30% of graphics in your website with respect to the text. More Information: If you are looking for a good stay and don't wish to pay hefty amounts to obtain that comfort, try this link, they provide you the right stay at very affordable prices. Check out their galley to have a better idea about how they appear and what kind of look and feel do they give.

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