Coporate Space Planning

What Is The Coporate Space Planning? In 1997, the European coporate space planning system has been defined as follows: 1.Spatial planning is mainly used by the public sector to influence the future activity space distribution. 2.It is intended to create a more rational land use and functional relationship to the territorial organization. 3. Balance protection of environment and development of two needs, in order to achieve social and economic development goals. Hardware planning section of coporate space planning: From outside to inside, from big to small, from the operating point of the building and surrounding ancillary facilities (such as parking) to the specific details of the shelf design are included. Software planning section of coporate space planning: Mainly such as passenger guidance, evacuation and waiting, visual shopping guide, commodity and shelf configuration.Such as travel and visual line, and lighting design, product display, human plan. Within the scope of the space planning of hardware and software, first of all, which must reflect the planners of the operating process, space guidance, consumer psychology, human engineering. These planning implications purport. Today, many people will think coporate space planning design is an important event. Not only can create a good office environment, but also can let more employees are able to get more like here, good decoration will let you in a better mood, work will also more positive, if the coporate space planning is not ideal, will feel the feeling of oppression.

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