Heard Of Phishing Scams?

Heard Of Phishing Scams? How About Smishing And Vishing Phishing attack is a well-known computer attack where a hacker sends you an email stating that you have won so and so dollars and wants you to click on some link. Unfortunately, these links are not what they say, and they are trying to get all of your sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords and more. Smishing (SMiShing) is where mobile hack comes into play. Hackers sends you a nicely composed message stating that your phone has won some lucky draws or any such message, and directing you to a link and asks you to go to that link. Smishing is relatively new scam but is very popular since its inception and many hackers have successfully stolen credit card details, passwords, and other related information. Smishing and Vishing Scams are somewhat similar. The vishing scam is more geared towards getting credit card information and bank account access. A vishing scam is named such for its utilization of VoIP technology, in which a scammer can attempt to make several calls at once in order to capitalize on their chances of a successful theft. Vishing scams come as either a text message or a voicemail message on your phone, attempting to appear as though it comes from a legitimate institution, such as your bank, credit card company, or other such organization that may have your credit card and banking information, such as PayPal or eBay.

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