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Unsure of what bad and good links are, many seem reluctant to submit articles in order to distribute links to their sites. Don't. Be reluctant that is. As always, all you need is to know the rules. So, what are the worries? Google penalizes multiple content Bad links decimate your pagerank The notion that Google penalizes multiple content is not based on fact. Even Google themselves point to the fact that what they penalize is multiple instances of identical content on the same site. No worries then. They may however penalize sites that have identical content AND structures. Meaning if you have a domain that carries a content tree that is identical to any number of others, then you may feel the punishing touch. That bad links decimate your page rank is fact. A bad link can be defined as one that has a lower page-rank than your own. Page-rank is affected by other factors too, but high page-rank links is one of the most important. Still, the number of links is also important. - If you have few links, 5 of lower page-rank will downrate your own rank. - If you mass on reciprocal links (you get a link if they get a link on your site) you rank may be negatively affected since these have a taste of "link farms." A bad taste in a Google mouth. - If you have 4000 links to your site chances are they will be mixed quality, which is not bad. What will affect your page-rank and site status in this case is the Total number of links Title and text on links Activity of links (traffic to your site) No worries then. As long as you have thousands of links. [NEVER pay cheap link submission services that offer to submit pure links to hundreds of sites. Those links are either trash or nonexistant. Money wasted.] If you write a simple article of a single page about a subject that has attraction for sites that need content, you might be getting loads of traffic in no time. The formatting is important, so is the mode of including your links and what sites you submit to. Some sites are certainly better than others. To generate a lot of traffic and get a lot of seological links you need to submit to a lot of sites (read many many many). What you need is a tool that does the job properly, quickly and has a massive amount of targeted sites it distributes your article too. There are quite a lot of submission programs and services out there. I would recommend you to steer away from the ones that offer too much, for too little. Simple organic logic:) I personally use programs instead of submission sites since the latter give a limited amount of control and usually carry a higher accumulative cost. More Information: Seduce With Style 2.1 System What If You Had The Power To Create Love At First Right ATTRACTION With Every Woman You Meet? all dating products here, pheromone perfumes and other Margo was working at the office one day, when her friend Leslie was talking excitedly about a cool Good Luck Charm that she purchased online, and it was helping her win at Bingo! Leslie would play Bingo two or three nights a week, at a very cool Bingo parlor, but she had been on a losing streak for a few months, which is prompted her to shop for a good luck charm. After buying the good luck charm, which was in the form of a magical, mystical good luck crystal, Leslie started winning, fairly steadily, and she was so happy that she took a chance and tried getting something of a magical nature, even though these things sometimes work, and sometimes don't. She also knew that it would be a good idea to keep an open mind, think positive, and expect good things to happen. Leslie had once read the best seller by Rhonda Byrne; The Secret , which is all about The Law Of Attraction. Between that "law" and the magical crystal, she felt that she could not miss! After Margo heard the whole story, she decided it was time for her to try such a tactic in an attempt to win some money, so she too, visited the same place where Leslie found her lucky magical good luck crystal amulet: and she did some shopping of her own! Margo was excited because these few items she ordered, had given her "hope" and she was expectant that her luck would change for the better. For the first few weeks, nothing happened, but Margo kept thinking positive thoughts, and she refused to let negative thinking get the best of her. After a couple of months, and all of a sudden... BAM... Margo won a daily lottery drawing, and she had purchased a ticket, straight for a dollar, and she won five hundred dollars. A few days later, while in a casino, she won about three hundred on a slot-machine, and she was delighted. The slot machine "theme" was from that awesome TV show: Sex And The City. Another week went by, and Margo won a door prize at a party she attended, and she was really convinced that she won, simply because of the good luck charms she obtained.

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