Learning how to drive can be stressful

As roads become busier in places like Utah, some teens feel intimidated and frightened when facing their first adventures on the road. Although driving can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Safe driving habits, paired with the right vehicle, can make those first months infinitely less stressful for parents and children alike. Cars like the Acura ILX provide world-class safety in a package suitable for beginning drivers. Parents in Utah and around the country find that the best vehicles for teens are intuitive and easy to drive. Acura caters to those needs. Car and Driver magazine recognizes the 2016 ILX as a "gateway car." Simple and safe to operate, it appeals to parents with children who are beginning to drive themselves. Acura officials hope that young drivers’ positive experience with the ILX will turn them into lifelong customers. In addition to its intuitive controls, the ILX boasts a 5-star overall safety rating. Despite rigorous testing designed to expose even minor flaws, Acura’s new sedan passed with flying colors. Although it’s strongly rated for crash safety, designers built the ILX to prevent accidents. Electronic stability control, brake assist, and traction control help the driver keep the car safely on the road, even in less-than-optimal conditions. But staying on the road isn’t always enough—features like the rear cross traffic monitor, lane-keeping assist system and blind spot awareness system help young drivers navigate traffic and interact with other vehicles. In the event of an accident, the Acura ILX is one of the safest cars on the market. Advanced, three-point seatbelt systems provide the first line of defense. Cushioned headrests prevent whiplash or spinal injury. The frame itself is designed to absorb and distribute impact energy, minimizing shock to passengers. In tests for side collisions and rollovers, the ILX received 5-stars, the highest possible score. Combined with strong a performance in frontal collision tests, these results earned The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s coveted 5-star overall rating. Driving doesn’t have to be terrifying. If teens develop good driving habits, they can look forward to a lifetime of enjoyable travel. However, in Utah and elsewhere, worsening traffic and road conditions make every safety feature and driver-aid more valuable. Without help, many teens get involved in preventable accidents that lead to injury or even death. Cars like the Acura ILX can help teens in Utah and elsewhere safely develop into skilled, reliable drivers.

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