One of the areas alcohol affects

Have you ever taken time to think of what that alcohol you are consuming is doing to your body at this very moment in time? Most people do not take time and think of what the alcohol they consume may be doing to them. The truth is that alcohol has some serious and devastating effects on health and only a fool would dare ignore the grim facts that have been shown to be the side effects of alcohol. Immediately alcohol is consumed, it is absorbed in the small intestines where it joins circulation in blood. This alcohol affects all parts of the body that are served by the circulatory system – including causing sexual dysfunction in women and thus posing serious health risk both in the short term and in the long term if alcohol consumption is continued over a long period of time. One of the areas alcohol affects in the body is the excretory system. This is an area that is responsible for the elimination of waste products such as urine in the body. When alcohol is consumed, it affects the pancreas which is responsible for production of pancreatic acid which is used in digestion. This means that there is an inhibition of production of pancreatic acid, thus, digestion occurs very poorly. This condition is referred to as pancreatitis which is a life threatening condition and is normally seen in chronic alcoholics. Another organ which is affected by alcohol intake is the liver. The main function of the liver is breaking down of harmful substances in the body, a process referred to as deamination. Excessive alcohol intake can cause the liver to be destroyed by the alcohol, a condition referred to as liver cirrhosis. Since the liver does not work as it should when one has cirrhosis, the body builds up toxins and a condition referred to as jaundice results. This condition requires immediate medical attention failure to which one can die. This condition is even worse in women as their bodies take longer to absorb alcohol and thus excretion of the alcohol takes longer. In instances when the pancreas and the liver do not work as well as they should, hypoglycemia which is referred to low blood sugar results. This is a big problem especially to the people who are diabetic. This, in turn, places one at high risk of contracting liver cancer. Since alcohol is easily absorbed into the blood stream, it travels to the brain and quickly affects transmission of electrical impulses. It is because of the effect that alcohol has on the brain that people find it harder to talk properly, stand or even walk as they would desire. High alcohol intake has also been shown to impair judgment. Long-term abuse of alcohol shrinks frontal lobes and thus memories are easily forgotten. Continued use of alcohol when at this stage can cause delirium, seizures and in some cases, permanent brain damage. Alcohol also has a profound effect in men causing erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction in women. Alcohol intake cab cause one to stop menstruating and become infertile. In pregnant women, it has been linked to higher risk of miscarriages and premature birth defects, learning difficulties of children and emotional difficulties. To kick the habit is not a destination but rather a journey. To start off, it is recommended that you start off by drinking less each day. Set a goal of how much less you will drink each day. This helps you to stay focused on the end goal in sight. Stopping prematurely will only serve to bring out severe withdrawal symptoms. The second step is to keep a diary of how many days you have gone without having a drink. This helps you see the progress you have made since you kicked the habit. As you progress, you will notice you need to change the areas that you previously hang out. Try to find new interesting activities that you can engage in. This helps keep you from alcohol. Last but not least, stay positive and engage your mind in constructive work that keeps you occupied as opposed to being idle and letting your mind drift to alcohol. The journey may be tough, but it is worth travelling as you will come to learn a whole new world.

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