What You Didn't Know About The Law Of Attraction

Imagine for a moment that it's Monday. The alarm clock rings at six. It's like a thunderclap cutting through the haze of yesterday's white whine and three hours worth of Friend's rerun. So you get up… and accidentally bang your knee on the bedpost. Dark murderous thoughts fire across your neurons as you amble to the bathroom where you stub your toe. Bam. Suddenly everything and everyone is public enemy number one. You snarl at the wife handing you eggs. You froth at Junior offering you coffee. And you kick the fat hairy walking sofa licking your hand. The rest of the day obviously spiralled for the worst- in fact you almost get fired for biting off the boss' head. That's the Law of Attraction working against you. What you think and feel attracts the same. The Law of Attraction is simply the manifestation of your mind in the real world. Let's do a little experiment. Hold out your arms and ask a friend to push it down as you think of something great- like when you snagged a promotion or enjoyed a night of steamy sex. He'd have difficulty pushing. Now repeat the same while thinking about debts, bills, war or your in-laws. He should push it down very easily. What gives? Your mind transforms your body. Simple as that. What you think and feel empowers or weakens you. Do you want to go around the world lugging a bunch of energy-sapping emotions? Or do you want to dominate your environment? Here are five amazing tips I've implemented to explode the power of attraction in my life: 1) Always ask yourself "What Great Things Can I accomplish today" upon getting up. This sets the tone of your day and primes you attract positive opportunities. 2) Always be grateful for the things you took for granted. Like simply that you're breathing. Say "Thank you, Im still breathing! Im luckier than that bloke under the tombstone." Gratitude naturally and easily conditions you for affuence and attracts more empowered men and women into your life. 3) Something bad happen? Shrug it off and flick it from your jacket like lint. This action rapidly kicks any negative thoughts that may attract bad things into your day. 4) Hang out only with positive people. Like attracts like. Remember that. 5) And finally… treat people the way the expect to be treated. They will reciprocate and hold you in high regard. Build your social network on the right foot and expect to fly to the top of your aspirations. Attract the right people, support them, and they will attract for you the right conditions for success! Several people have written to me asking for help in understanding how the Law of Attraction is at work when something as serious as the tsunami in Asia occurs. If you are wondering the same thing, then this article may help you understand AND keep your own vibration high and clear. First, listen for stories of people who escaped or survived the tsunami. While the majority of news reports will focus on death and destruction, if you are listening for the positive, you'll hear about people who missed their flight to Asia, due to a snow storm in New England. You'll hear about people who decided to tour ancient ruins in the highlands. People will tell how their lives were saved despite being caught in the flood. Many people will wonder why they were NOT caught in the tsunami--that's Law of Attraction at work. Second, you don't have to spend hours listening and watching the news. You really don't. You know enough already to be aware of what is happening without getting caught up in the vibration of fear and panic, grief and despair. AND if you do watch it, soon you will begin to vibrate that same frequency of fear, panic, grief and despair and the Law of Attraction WILL deliver what you vibrate. No, you don't want to go there! So, watch a funny movie (yes, you can do that). Read a good novel. Do whatever you need to do to keep your vibration positive. "But what about all the people who died? Surely they didn't ask for that!" No, they didn't ask for this--not on a conscious level. But, let me ask you this question: Is it possible for the Universe, Law of Attraction or God to arrange for so many people to be in the precise place where they will all return to spirit at the same time? Right now, you are safe. If you are reading this article, you have electricity and a computer...you are fine. Repeat after me: "Today I am fine. Right now, I am safe." You are. "How can I help the people who are suffering right now?" Keep your thoughts focused on things that are positive and of high vibration. Visualize food and water reaching people, bringing relief to their bodies and gratitude to their hearts. Contribute financially to relief agencies if you want to help in a material way. And remember, Law of Attraction is always at work, whether we understand it or not. From "9-11" to wars, to tsunami floods, to joyous prosperity and celebrations. Everything vibrates and you attract into your life precisely what you are vibrating.

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