10 Tips how to get more subcribers and traffic on Youtube

"How to have more subscribers on youtube"
Before launching in detail the proven ways to get it, I want to explain why it is interesting to have subscribers on YouTube.   

First, a subscriber receives occasionally a newsletter by email from YouTube where the latest developments in the channels where.

Second, a subscriber is someone who has demonstrated a stronger interest in your content. It is important to your intention. It is not a client, but it is someone who in a way has validated the quality of your videos and tells you that they are interested in these issues. At least he is someone you could try to develop a relationship. I'm talking about networking medium / long term.
How to get more subscribers?
1. Stand up on your channel
    It is very important to face your YouTube channel, even if you want to get subscribers. Be yourself. People are not looking for a superhero. Only ordinary people eager to share interesting things.
2. Customize the look and feel of your channel
    First of all, you have to show a little consideration with your audience. If a new visitor comes to your channel and what you find is the default look and feel of YouTube think you've made no effort to personalize it. It is likely that this visit not come back, because the impression that your channel is not very worked will be. Links to the previous tactics include yourself in the picture and background of your channel.
You can also optimize your videos and highlights the ways in which they appear on your cover. Here's your job to try to show the best content or at least those that tend to generate more answers or more clicks from people visiting you.
3. Post new videos regularly
    It is important that the input has an initial content of 5 or 10 videos, then you commit apublicar at least a couple of videos per month, so people note that your channel is alive. It is another sign of consideration. With this you will see that as does Google, YouTube will make you more attention if you show your commitment to this social network publishing fresh and interesting content on a regular basis.
4. Encourage participation from your videos and encourages    
    your community Equally important is to try to encourage participation in the talks from the video itself: ask people to leave you a comment, to give you a "like" the video, if the content has seemed good to them, remind them to subscribe to your channel. You'll have to respond to all comments and also moderate the talks if necessary. A basic work of moderation and attention, showing that you care to people who interact with you on your channel. Views, comments and good ratings directly impact the ranking of your videos on YouTube result page ... and Google.
 5. Use annotations
    If you are developing a series of videos, for example, on Twitter, and you have seven recordings, it is interesting that at the end of each go putting a note in which you can embed a link to another of your videos on YouTube. Consider a note as a direct link to another video highlight. These annotations allow you to make an internal navigation on YouTube and have a clear call to action to continue surfing and watching the rest of your videos. The result will be a significant improvement in the reproductions of all the videos of the entire series.

6. Social Networking
    YouTube also allows you to broadcast on social networks like Twitter and Google+ from your own video uploader. It is something you can change once from your own channel.
If you use Facebook you will see good results reproductions obtained by the ability of Facebook , is a great ally for broadcasting your videos.
 7. Your blog is a great source of reproductions
    It seems obvious, but do not forget to put YouTube videos that you record in your blog.
8. Advertising campaigns on YouTube
    Also if you wish you can advertise on YouTube, which your video will appear as promoted on the cover page of search results.The other advertising format that you have are the overlay ads, ie advertising over a video when it is playing. I assure you click rates are very high in this format.
 9. How to use YouTube Analytics to increase views on your channel? I recommend that you analyze your stats because there you will see traffic through searches on YouTube and videos that give you better results generated. following this same editorial lines can get you awesome results.
10. comment to popular videos, third parties that are relevant to your topic is another idea that you can take to promote your channel. The point is that you dont look like you  just trying to do promotion, but rather always making contributions of value to the conversation. Choose videos that are recent and popular, because in this way you can send traffic to your own channel.

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