4 Steps to SEO success of your YouTube channel

                    4 Steps to SEO success of your YouTube channel


                                        Why YouTube

When a company proposes to create a YouTube channel, usually it responds to the need to know where to store your audiovisual material to make it accessible. Almost any strategy arises from scratch, but certainly one of the most important is the positioning in the search engines the importance of optimization: the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Taking care of the SEO on YouTube makes sense because it is the second most used search engine in the world and also is closely linked to the first (Google). If we look at Google any term is not surprising that among the top positions videos are displayed. That's visibility and not only text but also image. Tempting, Since we have at least one good reason, let's do it right from the start.

                         Set up your YouTube channel

Complete all data requested and not just the graphic elements. Connect your channel to your website and Google Analytics accounts and Google Search Console. The more well have configured your account, the more interest you're showing Google that you have in it. That will help in positioning. In addition, it will open the possibility of using interesting items like cards. We will talk about them.

                       Complete all fields of each video

Think of a word or phrase as short as possible to describe your video (Keyword). Use Google Trends to see if it is a word or phrase that people look for. descriptions, tags and create distribution lists with descriptive names as you have multiple videos on the same topic. All trying to be faithful to video content because if YouTube detects that your users start to watch the video and leave a few seconds because they find what they expected, consider that your content is not relevant and will prefer to show others.

Custom video thumbnail. YouTube offers 3 images, but rarely succeeds with something that may be relevant to who to see and who also has a rather small size. Choose yourself taking a picture or video capture, why not create a fit with the content. Adjust it to look good and to attract mice pointers.

                 Driving traffic to your site from YouTube

If you did well  above you will see that your videos will start appearing, suggested in other videos will be shown in search results and increase your visualizations. And now? Do not just get visibility for your brand or your products; make your final workshop to gain visibility or your campaigns and promotions are visible to all at all times. ¡Make! Make good SEO positioning your YouTube channel to bring traffic to your website.

If you have correctly configured your channel (mostly associated with your website), you can use YouTube cards. This feature lets you include up to 5 links with images to sites like your channel or your website. These cards can be seen from both computers and mobile devices. Then you can take advantage of traffic and interest generated by your videos for your visitors expand or request more information, get records, leads or direct sales.

In short, if you set either the canal, complete videos with titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails, and you hook to redirect your viewers to your website, what began as a video library can become a powerful tool for digital marketing thanks to SEO for YouTube. Do not miss the chance to try.

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