Effective trick that will help you get millions of visitors naturally on youtube

Mmm,if you are one of those that you suffer from abandonmentuber ? You upload videos that really deserve a few thousand visits and do not reach even a hundred?
Do you get angry watching that video of a cat yawning has 1,000 times more views, then your tutorial on how to create a hydroelectric turbine engine? I understand your frustration, so today we'll open eyes with a simple but effective trick that will help you get millions of visitors naturally, without programs, without bots and without cheating. It is so simple and has gone so unnoticed that only a bastard like me has realized its true potential, so read and soak up my YouTuber wisdom.

A picture is worth a thousand words

As the title says, a picture is worth a thousand words. For you to understand this simple trick I've done a quick search on Youtube for you to see the trick in operation. It is so simple that, for the example, i have made (probably) unintentionally, but the goal is that we do on purpose.

lets see the picture:

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that the image could offend the sensibilities of the weaker ... and make you vomit. As you can see search I became throws the various parts of a documentary. Documentaries divided into parts usually have a lot of very similar views (beginning to see the first part, then see the second, third ...). I do not know about you, but I do not see a single part of a documentary, does not make sense, but ... what about here? The first, second and third part of the documentary just add 100,000 views, and the fifth multiplied this figure by 500: has been a total of 52,344,164. ¿52 million a video of a tribe of Papua, we're crazy?

It is obvious that the reason is the thumbnail of the video, that guy showing us his bowling, is the claim that has attracted more than 50 million visits. So as we get millions of hits to make money with our YouTube videos? We must get the thumbnail of our videos similar images are displayed (nudity is not allowed, but very suggestive images or appear something they are not). I encourage you to go upload two identical videos: one with a common miniature and the other with one that catches your eye, you will see what happens. What images attract attention? Well, of course. A half-naked, a bizarre image, an ass-elbow, a dog riding a female, etc.

How do we get the thumbnail you want?

There are two basic ways to achieve display the thumbnail you want. If we are partner in Youtube we can choose the thumbnail shown. We just create the image and upload it when we're uploading the video in the "Info and Settings", "Custom Thumbnail". If we are not partner we can also change the thumbnail if we have a channel that does not infringe copyright and our videos are original, the tick is the same.

In the event that does not allow us to upload a custom thumbnail image even as an alternative we have. We must upload the video to Youtube and detect exact frame that lets us choose one of  3 miniatures that lets you select. Then we re-edit the video with any editing program (such as Windows Movie Maker) and add that frame the image for a split second. When we return to upload the video we can select the image and displayed as a thumbnail in search results. Simple, right?


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