How to position videos on Youtube with Black Hat

It's like Google several years ago: the keyword stuffing does not penalize, can be made aggressive strategies, Youtube does not detect almost any of the techniques, no penalties algorithms as Penguin or Panda

The videos are difficult to measure: analyze the quality of a text is complicated,  They are big words. Youtube can only assess the quality, definition and little else. For the rest must rely on the user experience to assess whether a video should be up (visits, retention of visits, likes, favorites, comments, etc).
There is much : For what we're going to cheat. In Google before a niche competed see negative SEO attacks and DDoS. They are screwed but in most cases have long-term negative effect. On YouTube, however, it is the famous "flag" almost instantaneous effect. Your competitors often will use it to delete your videos. It enters into a spiral of stupid flags and flags with one another (if you touch niches that violate any regulations, and strictly almost all do).
The learning curve is much lower: To be an expert SEO much learning is needed. I'm going for 10 years and interested in the world and I still consider a noob in many ways. On YouTube, however, it is much easier to learn to position in an effective way, and this makes it attractive as a means to monetize traffic.

It's like Google several years ago: the keyword stuffing does not penalize, can be made aggressive strategies, Youtube does not detect almost any of the techniques, no penalties algorithms as Penguin or Panda ...

                       Ok, how do we position on Youtube?

The aim of this article is to show, updated today, the factors that influence the positioning of a video on Youtube. today I will focus on more specific aspects. Needless to say, the famous technique unlisted or 301 no longer serves much.

1. Visits:

And if high retention visits (70% -80% of the length of the video) better. visits will push up. The current problem is that it is not so easy to buy Youtube views bots , because often Youtube detects them and do not pass the famous +301 . Normally visits from websites that sell used, in summary, random pages where you insert the iframe video, send proxies visits and play the video. This is now quite detectable (imagine that for patterns or clues that will stop such visits) so it becomes increasingly difficult Youtube will"hunt" you  and re-raise you again to zero. visits are ultra-low retention and Youtube detects them. In this current crossroads platforms come into play as YTMonster, which we will talk later.


 In good measure. It is unreasonable to have 300 hits and 200 likes, is completely unnatural. A good percentage of likes / dislikes in a video should be, on average, less than 10% of the visits is that video (ie, 10 out of every 100 people who have seen the video den like or dislike). Get likes on Youtube is easy since Addmefast still works for that. Get a bot for AMF, achieve a few hundred points and then exchange them for likes for your videos. Remember, a number of reasonable visits likes to have!


Perhaps even more important than the likes. Automating visits and likes easy, but automate the publication of comments is more complex, more than anything because it involves writing comments and must be different. Here Addmefast not serve us, and if we use different accounts Youtube are leaving too many clues, then the options we have to automate this task is to buy the comments on different websites that offer exorbitant prices or achieve, again, with YTMonster.

4. favorites and subscribers: 

The one in a single point because I do not think are as important as the triad (visits, likes and comments). In practice I see it ranks just perfectly without subscribers, but on the other hand it is also true that having a strong channel is easy with many subscribers will rank or at least better ranks in Youtube. On the other hand have a certain amount of "favs" is always a positive factor in how user experience, therefore, is very likely to help them rank and logically should also be used with natural% (as the likes).

5. Link building and insertions:

 Here's a whole world of possibilities. Youtube also appreciates the links and scale that receives the URL of a video, the same way that Google values it and eventually YouTube videos can will rank well in Google thanks to a favorable user experience and predilection Google to show mixed results in SERP.

The most important thing is to understand that it is a factor that helps, but is not as important as those mentioned above. My advice in this regard is to work with automated programs to create links (and the bad, pack in Fiverr) and do for embedding your videos into pages. Onlywire is another interesting tool to accomplish this task.

how to achieve views and comments without being caught?

We have already talked about how crappy it is incentivized Youtube with visits and use of bots, so there are few safe alternatives to achieve reliable visits that do not involve us into an eternal and viscerally hated +301.

The software that I recommend is novel, called YTmonster and works really well:


Its use is very intuitive and recommend it to achieve views and comments, as for other elements (subs, favs, likes) points out AddmeFast more profitable.

The basic steps are:

Download the latest version of the software
Log into the program and add a YouTube account that will not serve much (log in with an account will receive more points)
Recommended: Click "tick" in the two options for the program is activated when you turn on the PC and automatically earn points without realizing.

Ready! Click on "Earn credits" and begin to watch videos. If the audio from videos can hear silence from audio channels in your taskbar. In my case it does not sound so do not have that problem.

Once you have a good splash of points you can return to the Web version of YTmonster and add your videos or comments to videos on "Add video". Comments are added one per line and are worth 100 points, and the value of visits vary depending on the duration you choose.

Here you have to remember something: if you want to accomplish visits to a video you sell something, and the video is very long (10 minutes) you'll will ruin if you want to send visits high retention (which would be for that example of 8 minutes, 480 seconds approx.). Ideally, your video is short and concise and that you put duration is approximately 70% -80% of the actual duration of the video.

If I promote a video called "How to Hire a hosting" and lasts for 1 minutes and 25 seconds a good figure to indicate YTmonter would be 55-65 seconds. Apart would send long and beautiful comments (YTmonster), likes and favorites (AddmeFast), subscribers (AddmeFast) and a good romp links and scale the video iframe (FCS Networker).


Also monetize with affiliate. In Youtube there are so many ways to make money as Google, since the end of the day it's all about achieving traffic, with the added incentive that Youtube have greater power of conviction.

With this post you have no excuses not to start making first steps monetization Youtube, No more I say goodbye until next SEO would be appreciated if you share this article on your social networks if you consider it useful. A big hug!


  1. Sheyma
    March 19, 2015 | Answer

    Very good post, undoubtedly one of the combinations that most works when positioning your videos. One thing to note is that the comments made with ytmonster can be marked as spam and will have to approve them from YouTube account.

    March 19, 2015 | Answer

    Chief, you can not imagine how good that comes right now this article.

    Special thanks on this occasion.
    March 19, 2015 | Answer

    MMM Well it seems that things will be a bit difficult ......
    I still hope to win, good post

    March 19, 2015 | Answer

    Hello crack! Do you think this can also work on other platforms such as Dailymotion video?

    March 19, 2015 | Answer

    Nelson Villatoro
    March 19, 2015 | Answer

    Very good article Alvaro, Ytmonster is quite similar to enhanceviews .com and .com vagex I do go very well those, those you've tried?

    March 19, 2015 | Answer

    Congratulations! Good post, as always!

    Just as you put it seems easy, come forward to trying especially by what I said in the other post, earn between $ 1000-2000 working from 3 to 12 hours a week, where we have to sign ...

    It makes me want to leave all the classic projects and web development and past to the dark side .. lol force.

    A hug crack!
    March 19, 2015 | Answer

    Great post, as we have used!

    a year old when I was positioning makes video games app, Youtube threw me down the vast majority of them.

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