how to recover my suspended Youtube account

Recover your YouTube account closed   
YouTube is the largest audiovisual Internet portal. Thanks to it you can upload any video, longest you comply with the terms you agree to when you register; for example, videos that do not include images or sound of whose rights you do not own.

Normally, if  YouTube discover a video that violates these terms, the piece is removed and you are warned; after three such warnings, your account is terminated without possibility of recovering the videos or even re-signing up. Then we will explain how you can recover your YouTube account if you believe you have been the victim of an unfair suspension.

Suspending a YouTube account, especially for copyright reasons, it is a very serious matter. The steps i will explain do not always work, so first of all, we will recommend a series of measures so that you avoid having to request the reopening of your account.

1. Check your state law

If you do not remember being warned that a video of yours has been removed, we recommend you to follow  this option.

from Settings> Manage Account. If the state is good, it is that you're using YouTube as it is necessary, or at least not caught your attention otherwise.

2. Remove the videos that may be conflicting is common sense, especially if you already have been strick for some video rights, you remove those that you think are going to be removed for copyright reasons. What you may not have so clear is what can be considered an infringement and fair use (fair use) of protected material. In the center of copyright YouTube you have a section that explains more about this topic.

YouTube offers a small web "educational" to know the basics of copyright policy

3. Claim the warnings that you create unfair If you think you've received a warning without justifiable reason, you can answer with a counter directly to the portal. This measure must be argued by you, because it is a legal appeal.

4. As always, make a backup If you lose access to your account is already a problem, losing your uploaded videos would really grim. Therefore we recommend that you download and keep safe locally. There are many utilities to do so, either as desktop applications or browser.

The first thing you have to do is find out about the specific reasons why your account has been suspended. YouTube provides this information for you , which intercedes for the author who has studied the complaint in the portal.

The request for notification is performed through a form on YouTube Help> Account Information> Problem solving>my YouTube account was canceled.

Fields have to fill in this section are three: the name of the suspended YouTuber, a valid email to contact you and a brief text that explain why they are requesting this information. It is curious that have to be justified before we even know what happened, but the procedure works like this ...

After a few days, Google will respond by e-mail informing you of the videos that have caused the cancellation of the account, details of the complainant and the steps you can take. Among them is the link to send a counter-notification regarding the cancellation of the account. It is a similar form to that existing for videos removed; in it you have to include the following information:

    1. Full name, address and telephone number

    2. YouTube user name canceled

    3. Acceptance of the measures taken by the complainant

    4. Statement of good faith on the possession or legitimate use of audiovisual material removed

    5. A scanned or electronic signature valid

In addition to the form, you can use the e-mail "" to perform the procedure.

Realistically, the chances to regain a YouTube account suspended are few. Content ID, a tool used by the portal to detect videos with copyrighted material, is very precise.

Anyway, it is always interesting to know the reasons and that there are ways to appeal that can save your account and your precious videos and subscriptions.
Did you ever have pulled a YouTube video or canceled your account?

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