What are keywords and how to use them

The Keywords are those that "define" the purpose and content of our website. And it is these words that people search for on Google to find information. 

That is, the user finds and reach your pages using words Calve, why it is so important to know how to find the most profitable, and able to use them in your SEO on Page and Off Pages

Search and analysis of keywords and phrases is a task that can be as simple or as complex and time consuming as your time and pocket cant afford.

But this analysis is critical because, although you can succeed without it, you will get better results if you focus your efforts on the most profitable terms.

Of course it is possible to have a popular site without doing this analysis, especially if you write a lot (and quality) on a particular topic, especially if you you do not have much competition.

However, the analysis of key phrases can avoid you from wasting time, working Keywords that do not benefit. For example you can help detect and discard:

    Keywords that have no searches (because of no interest to almost anyone)
    Keywords attracting the wrong visitors (you do not need what you're trying to sell or promote)
    Keywords whose competence is too strong for your current possibilities.

If you do not take a good keyword research, you end up trying to position some Keywords as above, and cut wasted time and resources.
Is it worth investing in keyword analysis?

Maybe you think it's not worth investing in keyword search, because in reality "are what they are."

But this is not so, there are always some more profitable than others in any niche you're trying to position yourself Keywords.


The owner of an Italian restaurant may think his main keyword phrase should be of course "Italian" But the truth is that it will be very difficult to position your web search, which has 4.8 million results.

It Would be more profitable to focus on other phrases easier to position? Such as including local Keywords such as "best Italian restaurant in Valencia"
Is it the same "Keyword" that "Keyword"?

A key phrase is simply a combination of words that introduce into Google to search for something.

As it is very rare to use a single key word to search, the usual usually use a phrase composed of two or three words.

I say it is usual, but sometimes can contain many more, and get to form complex sentences or questions.


If you need help to organize your holiday is unlikely to simply go to Google and look for "vacation" because the results are not going to be very useful.

Normally you will look something like "hotels in Ibiza" or even  looking for "hotels and cheap flights in Ibiza for August"
Analysis Key Phrase is a future strategy

The analysis and selection of our key phrases will determine all the steps you'll follow in your website, from choosing the domain (though not always) through the contents and ending with your link strategy.

So it is worth making the effort at first, because if you're like me you will discovering that the keywords you have chosen will bring visitors or attract visitors.

When choosing your keyword phrases is better to focus on a particular theme: avoid the temptation to "tell all".

If you read my article Basics searches will verify Google you can get more traffic if you work in one key phrase that comes out in the third position, if you do three you positioned in the 9, 14 and 16.
What keyphrases should I choose?

First you have to decide what will be your main phrase, which in theory best describes your website, your goals and your business model.

Usually many websites (and businesses) are based on a main "theme" that goes after branching.


As the owner of an Italian restaurant would promote himself in Google, and for that he decide to optimize he site for search "Italian restaurant".

As this search as generic competition is tremendous it will be very difficult to position himself, especially if his site is beginning and has never promoted.

What you should do is find a group of key phrases with the potential to attract visitors interested in eating in your restaurant, that do not have much competition.
Start with the more generic Keywords

multi verse-seo-keywords-intro-list-excel

Make a list!

First start writing down everything you can think of that is related to your website or your business.

Do not rule out anything at this point, it is to start generating ideas.

I recommend Keywords manage your lists with Google spreadsheets, because it will allow operations later sorting and filtering.

You can create your own custom method to create lists of Keywords, which is what I recommend, or follow some steps similar to the following:

    Ask your friends, colleagues and family, how to seek your site, product or service.
    If you have a business that sells a recognized brand, note the brand and its derivatives.
    The same if you sell a particular product.
    Discards Keywords that have nothing to do with your product or service.

Analyzes your competition Keywords

It is a good idea to analyze your competition to find out which are the key phrases by competing.

When do you expand your list of keywords and learn more about your niche and type of Keywords that are positioned in the top results.

When you have a sufficiently long list it is the time to "separate the wheat from the chaff".

As a general rule it is preferable to choose phrases that suggest an action.


Continuing with the example of the Italian restaurant, it would be advantageous to be positioned by "ordering pizza by phone" or "pizza delivery" than the generic keyword "pizza", although they look much more often.

The reason is that the person seeking the other Keywords already expressed the desire to perform some action regarding this Keyword.

A good way to debug your list of Keywords is to try to think like you're an anonymous visitor to your web:

    Think about what you would expect to find the visitor who comes to your site by a particular Keyword.
    Think about whether this visitor would be the need, if he would be qualified to perform the action you expect from him (buy, subscribe, etc.)

It is very important that your visitors find your website what they have searched

Although you can use a variety of tricks to entice a user to visit your website, if you do it by a trick, if you do not find what you need, or content does not meet your expectations, it will go away.


If you have a physical store where you sell books (a bookstore) will be of little use visitors arriving to your site looking for "free books" or "eBooks"

NO've reached the end, much remains to learn.


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