What determines success in Youtube?

Youtube is one of the platforms for larger advertisers within the universe of the Internet. The possibility is there always latent viral marketing and product which will be outlined by these words, you will notice you, gentle reader, that this indicator of success of an advertising campaign is not given by divine work.

Millward Brown, a company dedicated to market research and Google Deutschland, have been set the task of finding the elements that make a spot into something worthy of being shared hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of times, these being mainly :

Emotionality: The creative behind the most successful spot are aware of the importance of human emotional touch fibers on human decision.

Originality: The novelty always attracts and gives an identity, thereby enabling others (in this case viewers) finished identifying with any of the characters in the clip.

Humor: Humor is an indisputable factor generator  to a point that it is almost possible to say "If it makes you laugh, you share it."

Storytelling: All popular spot seeking telling a story, story, story, story, etc; the key is how the story should be told. It is not always about having the best joke, but knowing you have launch.

Relevance: Since people carry a constant desire for recognition evidently enhanced by the phenomenon of social-networking seeks to share with your contacts or friends relevant content, quality and give witness to their good taste.

Run Time: On this point if there are divided opinions, since some feel convenient to say too much too soon and those who prefer the detail, the minutia; which it is as relative as the number of pages to have a book at the end of each who decides how much needs according to their interests.

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