Youtube tricks you need to know

For all addicts and fans of video site YouTube, today I bring you a few great tricks you need to know to make much easier the use of the content offered by this  BLOG then I leave these YOUTUBE  tricks.
Play videos from the point you want.You has been that there are people who share videos and you say look from xx minute: yy, for slow connections this is usually inconvenient to get to that point, especially if the videos are long, that is why you should only placed at the end of the video 
 URL the "# t = XmYs" section obviously without the quotes and where X will be the minute and second, and the video will start from the time you've set it. 

Play videos full screen There are videos that are worth looking at them without distractions, ie full screen, so you only have to remove the watch? V = and replace it with v / in the URL, so you can see directly the full screen version. 

Example:Full screen places Increases playback quality More than 10% of videos uploaded to YouTube are in high definition, and that is to see them needs a much faster connection to achieve enjoy better picture and sound of better quality, so if you want to see your videos Youtube in HD just have to click on "view high quality" or add a parameter to the end of the address

.& Fmt = 6 to 448 × 336 video and audio to 44.1kHz& Fmt = 18 for 480 × 360 video with stereo sound& Fmt = 22 for HD video at 720p

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